Unique experience

After completing my three-year bachelor in France/Germany, I had the chance to spend a two-month trip across some Southeast Asia countries, especially Thailand and Philippines.

I learned how other cultures, often poorer than my own country, live in their daily life. Meeting new people and traveling a foreign country alone taught me a lot of self-consciousness and ways of enjoying life.

The month in Thailand was hot, party and beach.

Philippines one month later in november 2018 was really cool, I worked as a volunteer (via in a small hostel to manage guests and meals. I helped the hostel owner with everything and she offered me her hospitality with her delicious meals. We had pets in the garden, a lot of cats and two dogs. She learned me a lot of gardening, cooking, managing and cultural knowledge. She was really nice and helpful. Thank you Kakay

Specially thanks to Thailand people : Raphael from Belgium (nonente ouais ouais), Alizee from Guadeloupe (diving master), Adrien my box partner

Salamat po to Ivan (I know what you doing haha), Kakay, Ahmed (Yalla) and Nacho (guitar guy)

Some pics of the trip