I started swimming in Mulhouse with 4 years old and was in competition until my studies started when I was 18 years old. I was far from being the best swimmer, but I started to spend my free time to teach young children and teenager. That's why I am studying coaching besides my principal studies.

Timeline :
  • [2021]Mulhouse ON - Teaching 3h/week young children
  • [2020] BF2 - Brevet Federal 2, diplom to train young swimmers in competition
  • [2019-2020] NC'ALP 38 Teaching 9h/week during 6 months different groups : kids from (4-10 years old), competition swimmers and adults (16+)
  • [2019] Team Stras Teaching 8h/week different groups : kids from (4-10 years old) and adults (16+)
  • [2013] BF1 - Brevet Federal 1, diplom to initiate young kids in a new element that they are not used to (4-7 years old)