NativeScript & Angular 9 with Firebase


NativeScript is an open source framework for building truly native mobile apps with Angular, Vue, JS or TS. In my case, I developed Geo-Cashing using Angular which is the framework I am the most familiar with.
For most of my applications I am using Firebase as a back-end service which offers a lot of functionnalities and at the same time ease of use, so that I can concentrate on developing the app.

Geo-Cashing is an app where users can subscribe to a monthly membership to get exclusive offers in pubs and restaurants throughout the country.
Business partners propose every month an exclusive offer to the applications members. On the map interface, users can not see the description of the offer but only the number of people that liked it.
Thus, users need to go on site and scan the respective QR Code to discover the special offer of this month. It's like the treasure hunt geo caching but with special offers.

It's interesting for business partners which would get a percentage of the monthly membership earnings and they would gain visibility through the map.

Maybe business partners would even try to propose even more attractive offers to attract more people on their site? Remember : app users don't see the actual offer, they have to go on site.

Enjoy Geo-Cashing :)

Check out a fast presentation in the video below :

  • Asynchronous functions
  • Dependency injections
  • MVC model
  • Navigation Side Drawer
  • Observables
  • User experience
  • User interface
  • Firebase
  • User and product database
  • SASS
  • Coding styles
  • BEM styling
  • Google authentication

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